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Legal Advice

The content contained within MeasuredCollective.com, our social media profiles and within all our external communications does not constitute legal advice and cannot be interpreted as legal advice. Customers are advised to seek their own professional legal advice. Complying with data privacy legislation requires multiple changes to the governance of data and marketing communications within an organisation. Legislation and data protection authority advice can change at any time.

System Availability

Our websites are generally available 24X7, but may be down during times of maintenance required for performance, upgrades and security.

Your brand

We may use your brand or company logo in order to help promote our products and services. If you object to this practice please let our team know and we will promptly remove any mention to your brand.

Free trial or course preview

The course preview is for genuine business customers only. We may need to take steps to verify if you are a business before issuing access or delivering a demo to you. We reserve the right to withdraw or refuse access to the course preview at any time.

Free course access

We make no guarantees to the availability of courses offered for free. We also cannot guarantee that they will remain available. The content in these courses is subject to change.


Free pilot support is limited. For support please email support@measuredcollective.com. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Under the free pilot we cannot guarantee any level of support to you.

Course Cancellation/Access

Measured Collective reserves the right to cancel or edit a course when required. We reserve the right to reduce your access to the course, or cancel your account without notice. We will endeavour to make you aware of any major changes to the learning experience.


Measured Collective goes to great lengths to produce up-to-date, relevant content. However we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content within our website or our courses as information can change rapidly.

Copyright and Proprietary Property

No part of our course may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or translated into any language, without our prior written consent.


There are no warranties, express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise for the use or results of the course and materials, that you will successfully complete the course, or that any particular level of knowledge will be attained by you.

Limitation of Liability

Measured Collective has no liability to you whatsoever. This “Limitation of Liability” section applies regardless of the basis on which you are entitled to claim damages from us, including but not limited to, breach of contract (even in the case of a fundamental breach) and tort (including, but not limited to, misrepresentation). This limitation of liability also applies to our subcontractors.


This site offers links to other sites thereby enabling you to leave this site and go directly to the linked site. Measured Collective is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link in a linked site. Measured Collective is not responsible for any transmission received from any linked site. The links are provided to assist visitors to the Measured Collective’s site and the inclusion of a link does not imply that the Measured Collective endorses or has approved the linked site.

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